Client Testimonials

Eric Is Very Level Headed, Detail Oriented

My husband and I spent months on and off looking for a home in Palm Springs.

Last summer we got serious and down to business. Eric Gray accompanied us to many homes. He's familiar with all the small unique neighborhoods that make up this iconic city. The thing that we really appreciated about Eric is his eye for detail. Sometimes, when entering a home for the first time you can be wowed over by a particular feature, and the flaws fade away. Other times you can't get past a particular obstacle to see the potential. Eric has an amazing talent for seeing both sides. He has a unique ability to view and review on the spot and in a very level headed, gentle non dramatic manner.

He's pleasant. He's clever. He's detail oriented, And he's the guy you want to have with you on such an adventure.

-David Page

I love working with Eric Gray to find our desert dream home

I love working with Eric Gray to find our desert dream home. He’s so knowledgeable about neighborhoods and doesn’t waste my time with listings that don’t meet my criteria. He notices all the small details during home tours, and I never feel pressured. I know it’s going to take awhile to find just what I’m looking for and I appreciate his good natured patience during the process. I highly recommend Eric.

-Tara Saylin