Araby Cove

Araby Cove is renowned as one of Palm Springs, CA's most desirable residential areas. Its homes, dating back to the 1920s, showcase a delightful and diverse mix of architecture. From expansive ranch-style residences to subtly elegant modern homes, this neighborhood offers a wide range of architectural options.

Bounded by E. Palm Canyon to the north, S. Araby Drive, and the west side of the Palm Canyon Wash to the east, Marabella Lane, E. Jacaranda Road, and the north side of the Palm Canyon Wash to the south, and S. Barona Road and Smoke Tree Commons to the west, Araby Cove is defined by distinctive landmarks.

As a historic neighborhood in Palm Springs, CA, Araby Cove embodies timeless charm and architectural diversity, establishing itself as a truly remarkable residential enclave.

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